Our "7M" Approach is designed to make sure we give our clients everything they need for success. We've found these are the key elements for any effectively functioning process within any Asset Management or Project Management system and so they form the foundation of our services:  

  • METRICS – Identify the data the client desires to measure and establish the client's systems to collect, analyze, and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from that data.
  • METHODS - Identify and develop the client's AMO/PMO support functions through, tools, software, methodologies, best practices, standards, dashboards, templates, policies, and procedures.
  • MIGHT - Identify the persons, roles, and responsibilities for performing project management or asset operation functions within the client's organization.
  • MONITORING - Enable the client to perform active status monitoring of KPI's for projects, assets, and supporting functions/resources to assure compliance with the client's standards and needs.
  • MESSAGING - Enable the client's determination and coordination of the necessary communication across projects and assets to internal teams and external stakeholders.
  • MENTORING - Enable the coaching, mentoring, and training of the client's personnel responsible for projects and assets.
  • MEANING - Partner with the client in continuously and progressively elaborating and re-evaluating the purpose behind each of the other six "Ms" within the overall client's Asset Management and Project Management system.

Click below for some samples of the "7M"s in action: