Optimizing Asset Management and Project Management around the clock

Assets to Maintain

Projects to Deliver

AMPM is a consulting firm focused on infrastructure Asset Management and Project Management.  Asset and Project Management are closely linked and represent a physical asset's entire lifecycle - the effective delivery of asset projects and then maintaining fully functional assets.  The value of AMPM’s services is found in our unique approach to the fields of Asset Management and Project Management through a blending of engineering science, business analytics, and management expertise.  AMPM works with you to optimize the technical, economic, and operational elements of assets and projects.

It will be easy for you to notice a difference in our services because of our approach, our skill, our commitment, and our level of engagement. Nothing is more important than giving our all and delivering you authentic value.

AMPM supports the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) Industries along with Government, Institutional, Industrial, and Utility Agencies with specialized Project Management Office (PMO) and Asset Management Office (AMO) related services; client-based "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) PMO and AMO implementations or services; and cloud-based virtual PMOs and AMOs supplied by AMPM.

What does AMPM do exactly by delivering AMO/PMO services?  Check out our "7M" Approach to learn more!

Here's just a sample of services we perform:

AMPM's Mission: "Optimizing each client's project delivery and asset maintenance for better business performance."

  • Engineering, business, and operational management consulting
  • Initiating, implementing, and documenting procedures, standards, and overall governance
  • Business process research, analysis, and re-engineering
  • Selection, procurement, implementation, and integration of SAAS and software
  • Active data collection of statuses, schedules, conditions, costs, risks, documents, and more
  • Creating and implementing management dashboards and reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Specialized coaching, mentoring, and training of personnel
  • Individual or recurring compliance checks and process audits
  • Mobile technology planning, integration, and deployment
  • E-Construction
  • Specialized schedule, cost, resource, risk, or procurement management
  • Application and documentation for various certifications or accreditations
  • Developing strategies and methods for public engagement, stakeholder communication, and general marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Corwin since April 2011...Our City is delivering better quantity and quality of projects thanks to Kevin and I have complete confidence in his technical knowledge and abilities.”

- Mary Ann Ohms, St. Charles City Council President 2015-2016