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“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Corwin since April 2011...Our City is delivering better quantity and quality of projects thanks to Kevin and I have complete confidence in his technical knowledge and abilities.”

- Mary Ann Ohms, St. Charles City Council President 2015-2016

You need to make the most out of what you invest in your projects. It's how your organization carries out it's mission. It's one of the key ways they impact the world! To do that, you need management systems that work. The problem is, your systems are broken, which makes you feel frustrated.


We understand your frustration – the funds, the time, and the skills within of your organization are valuable. Opportunities are lost when these are wasted. That's why we have worked with over two dozen organizations and helped them complete over 1,000 capital projects faster, recovering over $50 million in project costs.

“AMPM's work has been transformational for Great Rivers Greenway. It previously took several weeks to fully understand project statuses or collect information needed for our Capital Budgeting process. Now we can assemble this information in just a few minutes.”

- Todd Antoine, AICP, Vice President of Planning and Projects at Great Rivers Greenway

“It's been very easy working with AMPM. They took the time to understand our unique needs, developed internal processes for us, and easily led us through the selection of our project management software.”

- Alex Mills, PE, CFM, Director of Engineering & Construction at the City of Broken Arrow, OK

A true "System" needs three critical components: People, Process, and Technology. Our basic steps to creating your management system are:

Define your processes - we'll define, diagram, and document both how you work now and how you'd like to work.

Automate the dumb stuff – we'll put an end to annoying disfunction. We'll either get more out of the technology you have already, or we'll find what's right for you.

Create a better system – we'll come along side you and your team with training, coaching, and refining of process and technology as we go.




The plan to getting your projects done right:


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We'll develop and sign a contract to create your system by developing your people, processes, and technology.

You'll stop losing time, money, and opportunities and start getting projects done right, every time!




My name is Kevin Corwin and I'm Owner and Lead Consultant at AMPM. I've been in the business of capital projects for over 20 years. I love accomplishing projects! And I love creating systems that help governments, businesses, or any organization get their capital projects done, and done faster, better, more controlled, and just plain right. I was a City Engineer for many years and I know how important it is to make the most of what you invest in projects. 

And you don't want to see time or money wasted on projects and opportunities lost as a result. I've worked with over two dozen agencies and helped them complete over 1,000 capital projects. Our management systems are estimated to have recovered over $50 million in capital funding. I've seen project backlog eliminated, capital funding utilization rates dramatically rise, annual productivity output double, and average project duration reduce by 40%. Let AMPM guide you how to maximize opportunities by getting more projects done, done faster, and done right.

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